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Zion's Stone UCC

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Zion's Stone UCC

51 Church Road, Northampton, PA 18067, United States​

Phone: 610-262-1133

Sexton, Paul Marth: 610-261-2516

Pastor Mike E-Mail: malandsman@gmail.com

Pastor Mike Cell: 407-782-6843

Church Email: ZionsStoneUCC@gmail.com

Secretary Email: ZSCSecretary@gmail.com

Peach Festival Inquiries: ZSCPeachFest@gmail.com

Office Hours for Pastor Mike:

Tuesday and Thursday - 9:30am-5:00pm

Wednesday - 9:30am-12:30pm

Call or e-mail to set up an appointment to chat, pray, or discuss anything in your heart!

2017 Governing Body of the Church, Zion's Stone UCC Consistory

President:                   Shane Hummel: skhummel@ptd.net
Vice President:           Carol Glass: racecats@enter.net   
Secretary:                   Michelle McCormick: zscsecretary@gmail.com
Assistant Secretary:    Gregg Marzano: gmarzano@rcn.com
Financial Secretary:    Linda Haraske: thetommyh@aol.com
Treasurer:                   Al Pierce: aspierce@piercesteirer.com
Assistant Treasurer:    Sean McCormick: zionsstoneucc@live.com


Tom Haraske

Shane Hummel
Sharon Tanczos

Jeannette Bellesfield

Dina Galusha

Carol Glass

Linda Hummel
Tom Kleintop
Greg Marzano
Michelle McCormick
Ellen Schaller

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